Foundation of Local Church

In early part of the year 1956 Tura Baptist Church made Wadanang and Cherangre combined as Centre and started spreading fast the Gospel in and around these localities and later on, in the year 1962, Cherangre was established as first Local Church (Bi∙pek) of Wadanang Centre.

From that very year a small house made of bamboo and thatch was constructed at the present church compound and started regular and continuous worship services, but before that, the church was housed in a small thatched house at the present location of the Primary School compound.

The Founding Leaders and Pioneers of Cherangre Local Church from the time of upgradation and establishment of Wadanang Baptist Church from being a Centre are.

In the beginning:

Mr. Nakan Ch. Momin himself led the church as the President-cum-Secretary because it was difficult to find educated persons to lead the church in those days.

Thereafter, the responsibility of Secretary in the church were passed on to Mr. Anjang Marak, Mr. Jenosh Marak, Mr. Komesh D. Sangma, Mr. Malson M. Sangma, Mr. Denanson Marak , Mr. Ramsing R. Marak, Mr. Welwison Marak, Mr. Betterson D. Sangma , Mr. Torich R. Marak , Mr. Probith Ch . Marak and Mr. Talsrang M Sangma.

Leaders as Presidents:

Mr. Nakan Ch. Momin, Mr. Sengman Sangma, Mr. Hemson Marak, Mr. Gobendro Sangma and Mr. Ramsing R.  Marak.

First Deacons of the Local church:

Mr. Nakan Ch. Momin, Mr. Sengman Sangma and Mr. Hemson Sangma.

Deacons at the time of Establishment of Wadanang Baptist Church:

Mr. Gobendro Sangma, Mr. Deobar Mosahari, Mr. Ditison Marak, Mrs. Herojini Marak, Mrs. Dorothy Sangma, Mr. Samuel Sangma, Mrs. Henodini R. Marak, Mr. Ramsing R. Marak, Mr. Shyanto Salgira Sangma, Mr. Probith Marak, Mrs. Bemilla Marak, Mr.Talsrang M. Sangma, Mr. Balsrang A. Sangma (Local Pastor) and Mr. Arbingstone D. Marak (Local Asstt.Pastor)

Leaders of the Women’s Group

Presidents: Mrs. Melony D. Sangma and Mrs. Herojini M. Marak, they were the Presidents who led the Women’s Group.

Secretaries: Mrs. Moljeni M. Sangma and Mrs. Projinballa M. Sangma, they led the Women’s Group as the Secretaries.

Youth Leaders

Smt Methilda Sangma, Shri Proningson Sangma, Smt Nobeny D. Sangma, Shri Betterson D. Sangma, Shri Brejarson D. Sangma. They were the Youth Leaders who led the peers and the youth in teachings the gospel and the words of God for spiritual growth and development. 

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