Father Fellowship

Looking back at the history of the ABDK and its ministry, one can find that two major groups namely Women’s Group and Youth Group (BYF) had been founded by our forefathers from the time churches were planted in order to fulfill different works and responsibilities for the Lord and they had proved to be very effective and strong. These groups had been having opportunities to have fellowships among themselves in worshipping God and praying to God together. But, it is a known fact that the fathers have no such fellowship to pray and worship God together among themselves till recent times. Considering the need to start a fellowship among fathers in a church, Pastor Balsrang A. Sangma, declared and dedicated Fathers’ Fellowship on Sunday, the17th July, 2016 in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in front of the Women and the Youth.

The aims and objectives of this Fellowship are to have separate time for fellowship among fathers in worship and prayed to God, learn together the Word of God and be practical. It is not meant only to have fellowship but also to strengthen and support one another in spiritual weakness, train themselves how to prepare sermon, present gospel and visit old and physically weak and sick fathers and motivate those who avoid church going.

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