"To see that Christ is the Lord in every family and the Word of God is a powerful witness to every nation of the world, as the church prepares for His return and every believer glorifying God through worship."


    "To build the church fully in Christ; and to train ministers, stirring them up to encourage each other, equipping and counseling amongst themselves, to send missionaries to our own people (within our own culture), to other nations and to abroad and to continue congregational worship without neglecting it."


    Cherangre Baptist Church is located at a hilly place of Tura town under West Garo Hills District in the Indian state of Meghalaya. It is about 1.5 kilometres distant from the Tura Town. Cherangre Baptist Church (CBC) started in the 1950s and was born out of the need have a proper institution to worship the Lord Almighty as a single congregation and to enable members to raise a unified vision of fulfilling the Lord’s mission through action. Now, convinced by the strength of the faith and commitment of its own members, Cherangre Baptist Church is now become a full-fledged One Congregation Church on 01-06-2014.


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